What we do...

LAHEN belongs to the Department of Neuroscience (lead by Professor Zoran Đogaš, MD, PhD) of School of Medicine, University of Split, Croatia. LAHEN was established by Professor Vedran Deletis (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA) in 2007/2008. Currently LAHEN is lead by Maja Rogić Vidaković, MSLP, MSc, PhD

LAHEN conducts research on the neural basis and mechanisms of eloquent brain areas (motor, sensory, speech, language...).

LAHEN closely collaborates with neurosurgical centres in performing preoperative and intraoperative mapping of eloquent brain cortices (i.e. motor, speech, language) in patients undergoing neurosurgical procedure.

In our studies we apply navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) (Nexstim, NBS System 4, Helsinki, Finland). Navigated brain stimulation allows us to locate the exact site of the cortex where a TMS stimulus is given using a magnetic resonance image (MRI) as a guide. The navigated system has been designed to offer accuracy and confidence for cortical mapping and complex neuro-diagnostics. Cortical mapping can offer additional information prior to, and during surgery.

The findings are expected to be applied for preoperative and intraoperative neurosurgical protocols for mapping eloquent brain cortices.